National Philatelic Exhibitions of Washington, D.C., Inc.


  • In keeping with our educational, not-for-profit mission, NAPEX, Inc. offers grants funded through profits gained from our annual Stamp Show.

    National Postal Museum Scholarship

    The Smithsonian National Postal Museum (NPM) and NAPEX host a joint scholarship for original research and analysis relating to the design and/or printing of a specific stamp issue(s), or relating to a concept, valuation, issuance, distribution, policy, and/or decision arising from the postal department/service. Washington, D.C. Postal history research will also be considered as long as study is focused within the regions of Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, and/or the District of Columbia and research findings are published.

    These scholarships are available to Ph.D candidates engaged in dissertation research, advanced Graduate students, and/or other scholars so the Awardee may spend uninterrupted blocks of time researching and discussing their projects in the NPM and other Washington D.C. Libraries.
    Other interested persons, irregarding residency, are invited to apply for the Scholarships to conduct in depth research of postage stamps and/or postal history. The annual scholarship of up to $1,500, shall be a contribution toward expenses for visiting Washington D.C. postal research facilities.

    Applications are accepted year-round, with a deadline of September 1st each year. Obtain an application form here. DO NOT send completed scholarship applications to NAPEX. All submissions must be directed to:

            National Postal Museum
            Winton M. Blount Chair in Research
            2 Massachusetts Avenue NE
            MRC 570 PO Box 37012
            Washington DC 20013-7012
            Phone: (202) 633-4740

  • Publication Grants

    NAPEX provides grants up to $1,000 to support the publication of philatelic literature. Authors, editors, or publishers may submit a proposal of no more than two pages that must include the following data:

    1. Applicant’s name, contact information, and relationship to the project
    2. Author(s), working title, and projected length of the publication
    3. Whether the work will be peer reviewed or professionally edited
    4. Prospective publisher
    5. Projected number of copies and approximate retail price
    6. Requested amount of the NAPEX contribution
    7. Statement of how the requested contribution fits into the overall project budget

    Applications that include a succinct statement of the work’s originality and importance to philately are more likely to succeed. If the proposed publication is an expansion or revision of a previously published book, article, or exhibit, a copy of the earlier work should be enclosed. CVs of the author(s) or a draft table of contents should also be provided. NAPEX will request additional information if it is needed. DO NOT SEND MANUSCRIPTS.

    NAPEX’s decision is final, and applicants will be notified as soon as a decision is reached. In return for its financial support, NAPEX will require the following:

    1) suitable acknowledgment of its contribution within the resulting publication;
    2) gratis copy to be provided to the Smithsonian National Postal Museum Library; and
    3) work to be entered in all NAPEX literature exhibitions for which it is eligible to compete.

    If any of these requirements are unacceptable, please do not apply.

    NAPEX Publication Grant application packages must be sent by U.S. mail to:

    Attn: Publication Grants
    PO Box 16661
    Arlington VA 22215-1661

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